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The Five-fold Ministry Gifts


Discovering Your Destiny through the Fivefold Ministry Gifts

This WLI course provides a great description of the fivefold ministry functions and gifts, and helps you identify your unique expression of the fivefold graces. Learn the design of the fivefold and how God’s nature and personality is revealed through it. Learn how to interact with other giftings in
order to glorify God and reveal the strong hand of the Lord. You will gain freedom from religious spirits and be empowered to walk more fully in your calling. This is a very timely course as we come
into apostolic alignment and learn how to function together as the body. Mark Tubbs is a functioning apostle and will be sharing from his years of ministry experience.
The topics for this course are as follows ;
(1) Introduction
(2) Anointing
(3) Benefits of the Fivefold Ministry
(4) Revelation : What does the Fivefold Ministry look like?
(5) Identifying the Fivefold and releasing them in a great way
(6) Practical things
(7) Embracing the role of an Apostle and how to build a team
(8) How to identify true and false Apostles?
(9) The attacks of the enemy against your anointing