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The Battle For The Blood & Getting Past Your Wilderness Stops



Most of us start our journey through the wilderness, but get stopped along the way. Like the Israelites, in a wilderness season our response to both hardship and blessing will be tested. This course will help you move beyond what would ensnare, detour or capture you in the wilderness. We are also adding other teachings that will help you understand how to make it past your wilderness stops. Each of these messages will help you find your way into your promised inheritance.

Sessions include :
• Thankfulness in a Season of Transition
• What to Look for in a Time of Change and Vision-Shifting : Old and New Testament Perspectives
• Let Go and Enter In – The Journey is ONLY 11 Days
• GO IN! Your Manna Days Have Come to an END
• Following the Good Shepherd Through your Wilderness
• Press Forth! The Enemy Does Not Want You to Go Any Further into Your Wilderness

We must develop a deeper understanding of the POWER of the Blood of Jesus as we move forward in the new season and take dominion of the land. This class provides an eye-opening, revelatory, and foundational teaching on the Blood and the battle over it. You will discover new truths about the battle of the Blood through the centuries as you gain a new understanding of why there has been such a battle over Passover, the Cross, His Blood, and the Power. You will also learn why the Feasts are important in your understanding of the timing of the Lord in your life.