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Kingdom Breakthrough



In this core WLI course, Dr. Mark Tubbs, HIM Apostle, drawing from both his vast pastoral and apostolic ministry experience will explore Kingdom Breakthrough. He focuses on the key areas of alignment in lives and ministries that helps us to experience the breakthrough that God promises in His word. You will learn four key principles that will put you on the path of fulfilment and going to next level in your ministry. In addition, he will discuss how to expose and remove hindrances in our hearts and minds, so that we are no longer held captive and can to come into our full destiny and purpose. Mark also lays the foundation for us to come into an understanding of our authority releasing the blessing that the Spirit has given to us in Christ.

Session 1 – What is Kingdom Breakthrough?
Session 2 – Unity Leads to Breakthrough
Session 3 – Breakthrough in the Heart
Session 4 – The Anointing Breaks the Yoke
Session 6 – Breakthrough in the Mind
Session 7 – Breakthrough into Supernatural Rest
Session 8 – Breakthrough into Favor and Blessing
Session 9 – Impartation and Personal Ministry