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Ms Mary Chu Bachelor of Practical Ministry

Joining and receiving the teaching from WLI has been a great blessing in my spiritual growth over the years. I am able to move into the destination that God has revealed to me. They are birthed out of the dream interpretation ministry and I continue to receive the spiritual food of knowledge through WLI courses. Praise God for WLI!

Ms Chong Se Yun Master of Practical Ministry

In each course of Wagner Leadership Institute, the anointed input from Kingdom practitioners of the fivefold ministry, impartation in the spirit and activation in the practical have blessed me tremendously. The courses have transformed my serving in God’s Kingdom. Now, I am sure of my calling and destiny. Thank you, WLI.

Mr Antonius Halomoan Bachelor of Practical Ministry

WLI (Wagner Leadership Institute) is an international network of apostolic training centres, and I feel so blessed to learn a creative and brand new atmosphere of teaching and doctrine that I can apply in my personal life and bring transformation in the marketplace, church and even in my society. I believe it is truly the teaching that we can build our Christian lifestyle biblically. Although in the process of completing the tasks, I faced many challenges and received many revelations about the biblical truth, so that as the body of Christ we may be equipped, and may fulfil our call in Christ to do all good works. Eventually, I am so grateful to become a student and grow to become a leader who walked in God’s grace and favor.

Ms Liya Sukardi Master of Practical Ministry

I am grateful to God to give me a chance to study at Wagner Leadership Institute. Every lesson, instructor, and testimony in my study changed my heart and my mind. I felt myself growing rapidly in the knowledge and in the spirit since learning at Wagner Leadership Institute. Thank you WLI!

Ms Pauline Wong Bachelor of Practical Ministry

WLI course is not just “head knowledge” but the training materials have given me a “do-able” knowledge plus training opportunity to learn and re-learn the unfolding plan of God and also increase my level of understanding to flow through the impartation of the Holy Spirit. It is the practical application of the studies that I have learned much. It teaches me to be more effective in my prayer as well as ministering and witnessing to others. Every course is so awesome and full of spiritual insights and helps to equip me better.

Mr Bernard Hin Doctor of Practical Ministry

WLI has brought me into the awareness of what God is doing in this time and season, and connects me to the current apostolic and prophetic movement. The courses of study have opened up my mind to the application, not just knowledge, of scriptures in a fresh and dynamic way of living. Henceforth, being in Christ and in ministry has never been the same before.

Ms Christin Kalvin Bachelor of Practical Ministry

It was really an exciting experience that I felt while I was studying at WLI. For the first time I knew that this is a place of study for us servants of God, who are really busy with ministry and have no time from Monday until Saturday to sit in a formal classroom. WLI came as an answer. We do not need to attend the classroom. The program is so flexible that we can take it according to our situation, time and need. Thanks to WLI that came to our town and make one of my dreams come true by receiving this diploma from WLI. Thanks to all the lecturers, especially Mr. Djondi Putra. He always answers our questions patiently. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you WLI!

Mr Ivan Febry Clement Doctor of Practical Ministry

As the Gospel is advancing all over the world, many people are being called into ministry. And Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI) has been a mighty instrument in the hands of God to equip those who are called. I am one of the living proofs who have experienced it first-hand. Delivering argumentative, intellectual exercises are not enough to enable transformation in people’s lives. It is not enough to impress the mind; we need to engage the heart of the people as well. Therefore, we need revelation and impartation of the Holy Spirit to bring God’s “high touch” in this “high tech” world. This is precisely what I get from my study in WLI. Thank God for Wagner Leadership Institute.

Mr Charlly Anak Simon Master of Practical Ministry

WLI and the Apostolic Prophetic studies have enhance the knowledge and skills in serving God’s Kingdom in my Dayak’s community in Borneo Island and at the same time to make sure an active participation of ministry in marketplace of seven mountains so that Christ our Lord will be glorified.

Mr Chan Theam Lai Doctor of Practical Ministry

WLI conferences and teachings are refreshing and deals with current contemporary issues faced by Christians. I have been challenged to innovate and develop new approaches, consider new ministry perspectives and explore cutting edge mindset to grow the church. My leadership grew through attending WLI classes.

Mr Bernard Parlaungan Master of Practical Ministry

About four years ago, I started to look for a school of theology that will suit my schedule. I was having a career and so many ministries that made it impossible to join a regular teaching schedule. Thank God, not long after that, a very good friend and mentor of mine, brother Ivan, introduced me to Wagner Leadership Institute. Along with three leaders of my church, we quickly decided to enrol as students. The WLI methods suited me as well. I could study the topics in a flexible schedule and venue. I even studied (watching and summarising – doing my Self Evaluation Paper) at my gym once. Another thing about the topics, I was able to watch great preachers and prophets preached. This was such a leap of faith for me. Watching Rich Marshall and Peter Wagner himself, brings joy to my soul. Studying was not only about making summaries, but it overall increased my knowledge and brought effectiveness into my ministry. Thank you WLI for your ministry. I hope I can continue my study until I get my Doctorate.

Mr Jonathan Darma Doctor of Practical Ministry

Thanks to WLI for giving me the opportunity to get the impartation of the Kingdom of God so that I was able to receive much spiritual blessings. Also the WLI teachings has helped me to prepare my church journey in transforming the community with the Heavenly Kingdom’s gospel, to penetrate into the layers of education, commerce and government, and to bring many souls from darkness to His miraculous light.